Engage then exclude: global investment and NZ investors

03 February 2023

“No one will be buried with the epitaph ‘He maximised shareholder value’”, the British economist Professor Sir John Kay once wrote. This quip from Professor Kay, himself a major player in the UK’s investment stewardship movement, understates the importance of the underlying sentiment which is currently rippling across the globe. 

Investment stewardship, also known as active ownership, is seeing a wave of investors – both asset owners and managers – seeking to create long-term value not just for shareholders, but also the environment and society.

So what is investment stewardship? And why should New Zealand investors and companies be concerned with it?

Partners Penny Sheerin and Nicola Swan and Director - Climate, Sustainability & ESG Kate Wilson Butler have contributed to a opinion piece published by the National Business Review (NBR) examining what the global investment stewardship movement means for New Zealand investors in an opinion piece published by the National Business Review (NBR). Read the full article here.

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