Investing for impact: Sustainable finance in New Zealand

18 May 2022

Green bonds, sustainability-linked loans, impact investment, and responsible or ethical investment – are all on a growth trajectory in New Zealand. Our latest publication, Investing for Impact – Trends & Insights 2022 features articles across a number of focus areas for sustainable finance in New Zealand.

We are still a 'not-so-fast' follower in global terms for sustainable finance, but there is significant cause for optimism about the market’s growth capacity – particularly in light of the Government’s commitment in the first Emissions Reduction Plan, to grow the sector in order to provide "capital and investment in every part of the economy".

Investing for Impact – Trends & Insights 2022 includes:

  • an overview of what is happening in the sustainable bonds and sustainability linked loans markets, and a guide to how to best use each format
  • impact investment and the contribution it is making to our society, including the incorporation of te ao Māori values and perspectives
  • the new energy building around sustainability in funds management
  • how ESG reporting is a moving target, and how Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine has caused a rethink in the EU, and
  • how climate-related disclosure can be an effective general business resilience tool to manage a wide range of risks if used with commitment.


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