New Zealand Corporate Governance – Trends & Insights 2022

11 May 2022

Our latest edition of New Zealand Governance – Trends & Insights, first published in 2017 and now the fifth in the series, tracks developments in the board composition of the NZX Main Board Top 75, and hot topics for corporate governance in New Zealand.

Any director who thought that once the world entered post-pandemic mode, things would settle down and life would be easier will be well and truly disabused of that notion by now.

Rampant inflation after decades of relative price stability, reform across almost every institution of government, new reporting requirements in prospect for both climate change risk and modern slavery, the list goes on…

All will demand attention at board level, requiring boards to continue to play their best game rather than take some much needed down time after the stresses of managing their organisations through the disruption created by COVID-19.

It is not all doom and gloom for directors and boards. Our latest publication provides a glimpse of some positive improvement, including the review by NZX of aspects of its Corporate Governance Code focusing on factors affecting independence of a director, and a trend showing that boards now have more gender balance.

Read our NZ Corporate Governance – Trends & Insights 2022


It is time for directors to bring their best game to the board.

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