Exporting to Argentina – legal requirements

28 July 2021

Our Exporting to Argentina guide summarises the laws and regulations applying to products imported into Argentina, including customs requirements and procedures, import duties, intellectual property, consumer protection and immigration.

The Argentina-New Zealand relationship has been growing since the late 1990s, freeing up agricultural trade and strengthening bilateral cooperation, particularly in primary production and environmental matters. This includes a visit from a representative from New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries in 2019 to integrate phytosanitary control systems.

There is potential in Argentina for New Zealand exporters of paper and paperboard, animal reproductive material, and certain medical devices, instruments and appliances. There are also many investment opportunities in the oil and gas, energy, mining and agroindustry sectors.

We provide a high level guide for New Zealand companies looking to export to Argentina, including documentation and compliance requirements and legal considerations.

Read our guide below.


Read our Exporting to Argentina guide

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