Litigation & Dispute Resolution – Trends & Insights

27 August 2020

Today we released our latest Litigation & Dispute Resolution – Trends & Insights publication including observations across class actions, litigation funding, climate change-related disputes and the changing environment for access to the courts across New Zealand.

COVID-19 has significantly heightened the risks attached to directors’ decision-making – especially on whether to trade-on when the business is on the tip of insolvency. And projecting future financial performance is now nail-bitingly difficult – giving rise to rich potential for allegations of financial disclosure breaches.

Climate change is also creating hothouse conditions for litigation around the world, including New Zealand, an effect which will only intensify as the environmental impacts deepen, governments fine-hone their responses and a body of case law develops.

We also highlight the changes made to court procedures to accommodate the COVID-19 shutdown, increasingly giving cheaper and easier access to justice.

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