International trade: trends & insights

15 December 2023

Our latest report, International Trade Trends & Insights 2023, is the fifth edition in a series we began in 2019 in recognition of New Zealand’s status as a trading nation deeply reliant on a rules-based and treaty-based system.

As 2023 closes, the international trading environment is becoming increasingly complex as a result of sharpening geopolitical divisions, economic turbulence and the worsening effects of climate change. For New Zealand, this means that we need to continue to do what we’ve always done – continue to push for new market access and continue to diversify our products and markets.

In collaboration with Tracey Epps, we cover the following key issues: 

  • The global economic outlook, in light of the Russia/Ukraine war and the Israel/Gaza crisis;
  • Trade developments for New Zealand;
  • The latest trends in sustainability and trade for NZ Inc. and our exporters, and the latest from COP-28 in Dubai;
  • The latest developments in New Zealand’s sanctions regime;
  • Armed conflict and responsible investment;
  • A round up of trade agreements, including the NZ-EU FTA, UK accession to CPTPP, the ASEAN-Australia-NZ FTA and the newly signed Indo-Pacific Supply Chain Agreement;
  • An update on live global trade disputes, including New Zealand’s successful trade dispute against Canada; and
  • Key National Party campaign commitments on international trade topics.

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