A consumer data right for New Zealand

07 July 2021

The Government will introduce a consumer data right (CDR) in New Zealand in 2022. 

The decision, announced yesterday by Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark, follows a consultation last year.

Similar to the GDPR concept of data portability, the CDR will allow consumers to require data holders to securely share the consumer’s data with third parties. 

The CDR will provide consumers with greater access to, and control over, their data and is intended, over time, to give consumers access to a wider range of products and services and facilitate competition among providers of such products and services.

The CDR will be introduced on a sector by sector basis, similar to the approach adopted in Australia in 2019. 

When constructing the legislative framework, security of the data transfers, consent and privacy of individuals, and confidentiality of commercial entities will be critical.  The Government will consult on the detail of the new law later this year, with legislation expected next year. 

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