Vaccination assessment tool

16 December 2021

The Government has finally released the Vaccination Assessment Tool to assist employers to determine which jobs can require a job holder to be jabbed. 

The four factors to take into consideration are unchanged, and use of the tool is optional. 

The four factors

  • Does the worker work in an indoor space that is less than 100m2?
  • Is it unreasonable for the worker to maintain one metre physical distancing from other people?
  • Is the worker in close proximity to any other person for more than 15 minutes?
  • Does the worker provide services to people who are vulnerable to COVID-19?

Our comment

This will be advice after the event for the many employers who have already developed policies based on the WorkSafe guidance. And who can blame them when the alternative was to wait until the week before Christmas, and where the tool is likely to be of limited assistance for most larger businesses?

For more context, please refer to our earlier commentary No jab, no job regime – detail still to come.

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