New Zealand Corporate Governance – trends & insights

05 November 2020

Our 4th edition of New Zealand Corporate Governance – trends & insights charts developments in board composition, size, diversity, length of service and reporting.

This year our key theme is a plea for boardrooms to hold their nerve. The Debut Homes decision needs to be put into perspective and directors that are temporarily absent should not lose sleep at night. Electronic board and shareholder meetings continue to have their place post lock-downs, to deliver effective governance.

While we hope boards embrace the economic opportunities coming out of the COVID-19 health crisis, boards should not lose sight of the increasing impact of millennials, climate change and effective organisational conduct and culture.

The current environment is extremely challenging as directors confront the economic disruption created by COVID-19, the Government’s developing policy response to climate change and pressures on business to put the customer first, ensure a safe and inclusive work culture and adopt sustainable business practices. 

How companies and the economy as a whole cope with these challenges and come out the other side will depend to a large extent on the quality of leadership and governance.

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This is a time for boardrooms, and the organisations they serve, to hold their nerve.

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