New Zealand Infrastructure – trends & insights

16 November 2020

Is New Zealand's infrastructure ready for lift-off?

Our latest Infrastructure – trends & insights publication reflects on the past two years and looks at what lies ahead for infrastructure in New Zealand.

Pressure on all forms of infrastructure remains high with little evident physical progress since our 2018 publication What next for infrastructure?, but we may now be about to obtain lift-off.

This is mainly due to the huge infrastructure spend the Government has embarked on as part of its response to the economic impact of COVID-19. However, there has also been significant policy action to address the pinch-points we identified in our 2018 analysis – in particular a channel to attract private sector funding and financing, but also across the broader regulatory framework.

Many reforms are relatively recent, they have yet to translate into much physical activity – but they will. And there are more changes on the way, most obviously, and most significantly, the repeal and replacement of the Resource Management Act (RMA).

COVID-19 has opened the Government’s cash faucet on infrastructure spend

While there are many reasons to believe that New Zealand’s decades-long pattern of under-investment in infrastructure may be about to end, delivery to the levels required to spark a meaningful improvement in productivity, social wellbeing or emissions reduction is still far from guaranteed.

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New Zealand Infrastructure – trends & insights

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